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  • You may have your own database or elect to buy in a list. Whichever option you choose your list needs to be clean and up to date. Before mailing, we can clean the data and validate the names of the key executives; and if your mailing needs to be aimed a tier or two down at budget holders with very specific responsibilities, we’ll dig a little deeper and locate those hard to find senior to middle managers
  • It may be that an off the shelf list simply won’t fulfil the needs of the project in hand. So if you need a list tailored to very specific requirements, we can undertake original research on your behalf to compile a one-off, bespoke database.
  • We can, and do, handle mailings on behalf of our clients, so if you prefer this route, the choice is yours.
  • Before calling starts, we demand a thorough brief from you so that we understand your company, your services and your market. We need to know where you sit in the market, how you perceive yourselves and would wish to be perceived by others, what differentiates your offer, the rationale behind this particular new business initiative and so on.
  • In other words, as full a brief as possible so that we can really get under your skin. Many of our clients provide us with an email address so, as the project progresses, we can handle any correspondence with your prospects, including meeting confirmation, requests for additional information and so on.
  • We operate as your company, calling on your behalf. Our Business Development Executives have corporate backgrounds with a minimum of eight years at senior level. They are articulate, tenacious, great communicators and well used to operating at the very highest level.
  • We annotate every call made to your prospects using Excel and provide you with monthly reports so that you can track the progress of your project. You will have a complete record of every conversation, every reaction and every piece of information we’ve gathered. Not only will you have new business meetings to attend, but also a record of responses from other prospects who have been warm to your approach, and a timetable of the optimum time to reapproach them when review procedures are taking place, when new budgets becomes available etc.

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